Stadium Event Security

Audax has designed and is building a real, to scale, virtual facility models depicting complete integrated security solutions:

• Access control systems
• Full fixed and mobile Chemical Biological Radiological Detection
• Response and Recovery including Decontamination and Laboratory Solutions
• Crisis and Consequence Management Centers - connected to Public Safety & Military Forces
• VIP Shelter Solutions
• Secure Command and Control Center Solutions
• Camera and Video Survalence Management and Analytics
• Full Intelligence Fusion Center
• Full Training Procedures, Support and Educational Videos based on and depicting the actual facilities being secured

Second Floor VIP lounge showing Sony Dome-Camera-2MCCTV-2M-D1700N or Samsung SCC-C6325

Environics Fixed Biological detector and Fixed Chem Pro 100

42 inch flat-panel Plasma TV monitors

Looking into VIP Lounge from outside seating - notice the Environics Rad Military Pelican CBRN sensor (Bright Green)

On the field - notice on the roof:the Environics MAWS201M_enhanced_IMG_1593b on the roof and the Environics mobile-4 tripod on the turf.


Side view of bleachers with Environics MAWS201M_enhanced_IMG_1593b on roof equipted with a Vaisala -C-60851-400-536 Weather transmitter.

We Provide Solutions For All Levels: All Situations

From Prevention to Consequence Management