Facility and Vehicle Navigation

Comprehensive Engineered Infrastructure Management Solution

Using the Audax Navigation software Application ensures that you will be able to manage, maintain, and locate all of the physical assets in your organization.

Specifically, to be able to virtually navigate through your organization and to locate where exactly a piece of equipment is positioned with regards to essential infrastructure, such as water and electricity, to plan and control the maintenance schedules as well as locate and effectively manage all assets in buildings or sites where your organization operates.

Critical Management

Reduce response time to any crisis within your organization, and to prevent any damage due to miscommunication. (This can save lives).

The damage created by closing the wrong valve, shutting the wrong switch, or cutting the wrong pipe can be devastating for an organization in a manner that will leave its mark for years.

Audax has satisfied clients world-wide.

Navigation Modules

Space Utilization Module (SUM)

Asset Management Module (AMU)

Electricity Module (EMM)

Safety & Preventative Management Module (SPM)

Voice & Data Network Management Module (VDNM)

Piping Management Module (PMM)

Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning Management Module (HVAC)

Key Management Module (KMM)

History Management Module (HMM)

Localization Module (Wireless Technology)