Comprehensive City Security

Predictive Intelligence Solutions for Actionable Decision Making

Audax provides products and services to includes World-class training, procedures, and security and intelligence frameworks forĀ  national civil military.

We secure the most critical assets and people in the world by providing only the finest sensors, be it ground fixed, mobile, air or maritime based, crisis or consequence management centers, command and control or fully equipted functional Fusion Intelligence Centers.

Audax is able to assist and accommodate cities of all sizes with fully tested comprehensive integrated solutions enabling civil and public safety to work together in

  • Assessing,
  • Evaluating
  • Responding

to emergency CBRN crisis.

Our comprehensive products and services include not just sensors , C4I, but, also the ability tofuse data, to monitor collect, analyse and retain data in-order to have a unified and common operating picture to:

  • Encompass the full life cycle from site risk assessment, monitoring, detection, response and recovery 
  • Allow cities/entities to monitor proactively suspicious activity and thereby thwart gang, hooligan, and terrorist attacks before they can occur.
Intelligence Search and Information Management Solutions

Our partner, Memex, provides intelligence and information management solutions to the Law Enforcement, Government Agencies and Private industry which are used to combat terrorism, serious and organized crime, and fraud. Memex specializes in mission critical enterprise search solutions with particular expertise in data integration, enterprise search and analysis technologies.