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    What We Do

    Working with customers to realize: better environment, community, operations management and safety in the world through proven integrated solutions and services.

    Our Mission

    To be the 'Partner of Choice' for leading Security, Engineering and Natural Resources (ENR) firms by helping you to create, manage and maintain the most efficient, innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions to operate, anticipate, safeguard, respond, and control your assets and assure environmental protection.

    Our Vision

    Be recognized as the leader; providing to ENR firms, proven advanced engineering solutions that improve the environment, operational decision making, assure infrastructure and asset security in addition to enhancing and protecting the environment. To implement this vision, we provide integrated, modular and open solutions and services, coupled with expertise and innovation, to assure that we will deliver the highest customer satisfaction.

    Strategic Objectives

    • Create and Demonstrate Viable and Critical Value for our Customers
    • Attract the best personnel and partners in the industry
    • Be seen as the Engineering and Natural Resources (ENR) leader
    • Deliver the highest Innovation and Financial, Social 'Return on Investment'


    • Industry Experience and recognition
    • Recognized – proven cost effective technology products -integrated for a unique solution
    • Demonstrate & deliver-integrated solutions for the industry through an open platform
    • Local relations, understanding and presence
    • Flexible purchasing, use of pilots and case studies
    • Firm has a strategic vision, innovative and rapidly adaptable to change


    • Jointly Design and Implement Pilots that optimize processes
    • Bond with Customer and integrate into his value chain and provide economic value
    • Integrate Environment and Infrastructure Protection with Operational Enhancements and Savings
    • ID. Best people and solutions available
    • Deliver world class integration

    Fundamental Values

    • Obtaining highest Customer Understanding and Satisfaction
    • Recognizing the value of our staff and our partners as our primary differentiators
    • Provide loyal innovative staff and partners that work responsibly and efficiently
    • Provide the customer added and unique value propositions
    • Demonstrate how Environmental Engineering, Infrastructure Protection and Operational Effectiveness can delivered jointly to deliver enhanced return on investment and greater Corporate social responsibility
    • Demonstrate innovation and flexibility in working with each customer
    • Become the customers trusted and objective advisor

    We Provide Solutions For All Levels:

    From Prevention to Consequence Management